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The poetry of Mulla Jan

By: Farooq Sarwar

Abdul Hadi Attahi Mulla is the well-known poet of Pashto language. He is the most lovely man, it is not my observation, but the observation of a majority of Pashto language writers. There is no doubt in is sincerity and love for the people of literature and art. Though he resided in America and the visitor of most countries in the world, but nowadays he resides in Quetta city in his most beautiful house like paradise. Though at present he is a giant of Pashto literature, but is a very simple man with beautiful civilized manners. He is habitual to arrange dinner parties for the literary people and in this way I visited his house many times. His gorgeous and charming house is divided into two parts, one for his residence and the other for his guests. The second part of his guests is also divided into two parts. In first part you’d see a beautiful mountain with fountains and a huge lawn with beautiful flowers and the second part is, an orchard, where you will see the each kind of fruit trees. Here we will observe his conventional Pashtun drying room. The literary people call him Mulla Jan meaning by a most educated and visionary person. He has the publications of his poetry too. His poetry has two qualities, his own diction of beautiful words and the powerful imagination like Keats, Shelly, Lord Byron and Khalil Gibran. If you want to enjoy his poetry, I think the best suitable time is the midnight because it is very rhythmic and magical and makes a reader mad and most imaginative. It is the other quality of his poetry that its spirit is not old and conventional but very modern. In his each and every verse, we can find a very novel and fresh idea. We can say that he’s the most imaginative modern classic poet of Pashto poetry. It is the quality of a writer that his readers should be thirsty for his new works, so we can find this quality in the verse of Mulla Jan as well. I’m also the common fan of this literary giant. In short, we can say him the most famed and prominent modern romantic poet of Pashto language I translated his few little poems into English, which I represent now before you.

Do not spoil

O my sincere friends
Don’t spoil my martyrdom
You are my companion of sinking boat
Leave me for drowning
No purchaser

I am holding my heart
In my hands
Shouting to purchase it
There is no street of lovers
In the whole land
The disturbance

O life
My Innocent love is weeping
It was sleeping
In the depth of my eyes
Your ugly noise
Its lovely dreams
Two sentences

O my lovely friends
Please mention
One of two sentences
At my grave stone
Martyred by proud beauty
The victim of love
A passage towards mountains

It is the power of wine
The art of bar man
The users move towards mountains
The earth is intolerable for them
The season

In the hell of separation
I still remembered you
O my unfaithful love
In true sense
It is the season of disloyalty
The esteemed one

O holy madness
Be careful
And control yourself
Secrecy is better for affection
It is a love of respected rural girl 


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