د عبدالاحد زیرک شعر او د فاروق سرور ژباړه


” خوږ ږغ”


له ګودر تېر شوم
هدیرې ته راغلم
هلته په بر سر کې
خړکي قبر ته
یوه دنګه پېغله
ځوړند سر ناسته وه
د قبر کاڼې په بل کاڼي وهي
په ډډ اواز د قبر روح ته وایي
خوږه راپاڅه
زه راغلې یمه
غواړم دیدن دې وکړم
غواړمه خپله لوپټه مې تاته
ستا ددې قبر
په جنډه ځوړند کړم
کله چې زه نه یم نو
ددغې خړې هدیرې
دغه دردناکه خاموشي به
لوپټه ماتوي


“The sweet voice”

After crossing the watercourse

Popular and admired

As a place of meeting for lovers

I visited

The cemetery


I observed

A beautiful young girl



To a fresh grave

Grief was playing

On her charming face


She was


Emotionally and sentimentally

With the lifeless person

Who was slept

Inside the grave

My dearest

Please see me

I came here

To meet you

Dear and Darling

I’m so desirous

To make a flag

From my scarf

And then

Locate it

On your grave

When you feel

My absence

As well as nonappearance

And quietness

In this graveyard

Believe me

The silence

Of the burial ground


Come to an end

Due to

The sweet voice of flag

Translated by Farooq Sarwar


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