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بوډا بد بد خاندي ، خله يې کړوپه ده او يو غاښ هم نه سته پکښي . که رښتيا ووايم ،نو زما يې دغه خندا نه ده خوښه دا رنګه خو څوک نه کوي ، دغه خو زما او دده تر منځ اختلاف دي او کله کله دا اختلاف زور واخلي .

زموږ و مخته دوه انسانان ناست دي . يو ګلالي ماشوم او بل د هغه مشر . ماشوم مسلسله ژاړي ، ضد کوي ، څه غواړي ،خو مشر يې نه ورسره مني او هر وخت يې په سر ووهي ، معمولي هم نه بلکه کلکه څاپېړه . داسي کلکه يا زوروره چي زما زړه لا ورسره درذ وهي .که څه هم دا د افسوس خبره وي ، خو بوډا بيرته له خندا شين سي او ګرسره په ماشوم زړه نه سوځي . اوس وماته په بوډا خشم راسي ، د رښتيا خشم .

له ماشوم سره دوه ګېنده دي ، يو اوړ او بل غټ. هغه په کوچني ګېند لوبه کول غواړي ، خو مشر پر له پسې سترګي ورباندي سرې کړي چي نه لوي ګېند . دا ډول بوډا بيا له خندا بېران سي .

اوس مشر ماشوم ته د لوي ګېند فايدې وروشووي ، ګټي ، معمولي هم نه بلکه زوروري، خو سور او سپين وړکي په ضد وي چي نه کوچني . بس هغه هيڅ نه مني . په رښتيا تر حد زيات ضدي ماشوم وي .

دا رنګه زه تنګ سم او په ملا کوږ بوډا ته ووايم چي لکړه يې په لاس کښي وي او سپينه اوږده ږيره يې وي چي دا دي زه چېري راوستم . دا بيا څه اسرار دي .

 زوړ سړي وواي چي دا ډېره پخوانۍ لوبه ده ، ددې يواځني ګواه زه يم ، په خپله سينه کښي يې پټه ساتم ، هم دغه مي کار دي ، هر نوي سړي ته يې ورښکاره کوم او دا د ژوند رښتوني رنګ دي .

څنګه او څه ډول . زه پوښتنه ورڅخه وکړم .

هغه واي چي ته د بچي ګېندونو ته خو وګوره چي څه رنګه دي .

دا ډول چي زما د ماشوم په لوبندو نظر سي ، نو حق حېران سم او بوډا لا په خندا سي .

عجبه ده اوړ ګېند ډېر زوړ او وروست وي خو غټ داسي نوي نوزي او برېښېدنکي چي ګرسره سترګي نه ورباندي روڼېږي.


September, 2014

“The stubborn” by Farooq Sarwar

What a terrible smiling .The old man is laughing loudly. His mouth is toothless, horrible and ugly. It is intolerable for me. Really the way of his pleasure  is unsophisticated  and rough and he has no justification for such uncertain behaviour. I oppose him and really  do not like him.

Two persons are seated in front of us. One is a little boy and the other is a mature man. The kid is weeping , seems stubborn, wants something but his elder is not approving his demand and frequently slaps him on his head. These strikes  are very powerful, strong and noisy that disturbs me. The scene is depressing and unhappy one but the old man is laughing on them and he has no sympathy with the sweet and charming child. Now I feel anger about the old man and the picture irritates me.


The kid has two balls, one is little and the second one is big. The boy wants to play with the little ball but his elder doesn’t like this, he always shows his anger and tries to convince him to play with the big one. On this situation, the old man again expresses amusement and takes hold of his stomach with laughter.

Now, the mature man tries to mention the benefits of the big ball to the child that it is more beneficial, valuable and helpful, but the boy with red and white face shows his stubbornness and inflexibility. Really he is disagreeing and insists that the small ball is very precious. Obviously The little boy doesn’t want that his elder convinces him, the tiny ball is very pretty for him and really he is the arrogant one.

This situation taunts me and I ask from the old man, holding a big stick in his hand with a bend back and has a long white beard that why he brought me here and why he shows me this kind of scene, kindly tell the secret of it.

Now the old man replies that it’s an old game, I’m the only witness of this, I hide the secret of this game in my heart for a lot of years because It’s my actual duty, really I show this special game to every new person and it’s the true picture of the life.

Now I asked again that how, in which manners, kindly tell me and convince me.

The old man firstly laugh and then indicates that Look at those balls in the hands of the child and observe their shape.

When I gaze carefully at the toys of the little boy, it amazes me and the old man laughs once more.

Amazingly, the tiny ball is very old and decaying. But the big one is very new, clean, polished and no eyes can tolerate its shining.


The end

September, 2014

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